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Mustang restoration specialists

Revive your classic Ford Mustang with our certified Mustang restoration specialists. They bring your pony car back to its former glory using real parts and their skills. Since 1980, Mustang Restorations, Inc. has been known as the “Doctors of Restoration.”

We take care of every detail in our high-quality restorations. The body & paint will be smooth, the fit and finish better than new. Your Mustang will run perfectly, just like a dream.

Mustang Restorations, Inc. – Reviving American Icons

Mustang Restorations, Inc. has restored Ford Mustang icons for around 45 years. We’re a top name in classic car restoration and automotive restoration services. Our mission is to bring your car back to its original glory.

A High-Quality Restoration: Attention to Detail

We pay close attention to detail in every Mustang we restore. You get a beautifully redone car that runs great. Our work stands out, especially to muscle car enthusiasts.

Expertise in Body & Paint, Fit and Finish

Our specialists go all out to get every detail right. They make sure the body, paint, and parts are perfect. This makes your Mustang look and feel like new.

Reliable and Dream-like Driving Experience

At Mustang Restorations, Inc., we promise your Ford Mustang will drive like a dream. You’ll get a stunning car that’s reliable and powerful. It’s all about enjoying the road in your Mustang.

Services Offered by Mustang Restoration Specialists

Mustang Restorations, Inc. gives your classic Mustang new life. Our experts handle everything from restorations to fine-tuning the mechanics. Your American icon will shine once more.


Our skilled team rebuilds your Mustang carefully, from the bottom up. Every part is made like new, making it look as if it just rolled out of the factory.

Mechanical Work

Your Mustang’s heart must beat strong, and we’re great at keeping it that way. We fix engines, transmissions, and suspensions. Your pony car will feel like it’s brand new again.

Rust Repair

Getting rid of rust is key for our experts. We use the latest methods to fight corrosion. This keeps your Mustang strong and its beauty lasting for years.

Body & Paint

Our team aims for a perfect look with every paint job. We pay close attention to every detail, creating a car that everyone notices.

Interior Restorations

We don’t forget about the inside. Our experts work on the seating, carpet, and trim. Your Mustang’s inside will look and feel classic.

Convertible Top Installations

Dreaming of open-top drives? We’re the place to get your Mustang convertibles just right. Your car’s top will work and look better than ever.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Thinking about buying a Mustang? Let us inspect it thoroughly before you do. We help you choose a quality classic car with our expert advice.

Mustang restoration specialists: The Mustang Brothers™️

Twin brothers Cody and Preston work with Chris “The Doc” Ingrassia at Mustang Restorations, Inc. for 20 years. They use their skills as Mustang restoration experts. The Mustang Brothers know how to do great work and run a business well.

Twin Brothers Cody & Preston: Skilled Craftsmanship

Cody and Preston are Mustang restoration specialists. They have fixed up many classic Ford Mustangs with care. Their love for these American icons shows in every car they work on.

Accounting and Business Expertise

They are great at fixing up cars and also know a lot about business. Cody knows accounting, and Preston knows business. This helps keep everything organized at Mustang Restorations, Inc.

Learning Resources from Mustang Restoration Experts

Love Mustangs and want to fix your own classic? Mustang Restorations, Inc. is perfect for you. “The Doc”, Chris Ingrassia, has made lots of Mustang restoration tutorials on YouTube. They cover all you need, from fixing motors to painting. And look out for the Mustang Brothers™️ in 2023. They’re starting a web show that goes deep into their classic Mustang restoration process and shares great DIY tips.

The Doc’s How-To Videos on YouTube

“The Doc” Chris Ingrassia knows Mustangs inside out. He’s got tons of videos on his channel. These Mustang restoration videos show everything, like fixing engines and making them look cool. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to start on their own Mustang project.

Mustang Brothers™️ Web Show

Excited for the Mustang Brothers™️? In 2023, they’re launching their own show. You’ll see exactly how they restore Mustangs. This is your chance to pick up their best Mustang restoration tips and methods right from them.

Customer Testimonials: Praise for Mustang Restoration Specialists

Mustang Restorations, Inc. is known for top-notch Mustang restoration services. Their great work and superb care for customers show in the customer reviews. Clients love the team’s fine attention to detail. They also enjoy their restored Mustangs, saying they drive like dreams. The experts at Mustang Restorations, Inc. are ready to take on any tough job. They make old classic Mustang cars look and feel new again.

The team at Mustang Restorations, Inc. has been restoring cars for many years. They are the best choice for Mustang fans who want the best. People are amazed by the quality and skill shown in every project. They see their Mustangs better than before after visiting the shop.

“The Mustang restoration specialists at Mustang Restorations, Inc. changed my 1967 Mustang completely,” said a happy customer. The work’s quality is outstanding, and the car drives better than when it was new. I’m so happy my dream car is out on the road again. All thanks to the skill and hard work of the team.”

Mustang Restorations, Inc. does it all to make cars perfect. They do great work on the outside, inside, and under the hood. Clients are always grateful for the team’s hard work, honesty, and passion for their craft. They love seeing their treasured American cars restored beautifully.

Mustang restoration specialists: Events and Shows

Mustang Restorations, Inc. and the Mustang Brothers™️ are big in the classic car world. They host and join many events and shows. On Sunday, August 11, 2024, the Mustang Brothers™️ will hold their Third Annual Car Show at the Mustang Restorations shop.

This event welcomes all American cars. You can show your classic or custom Mustang. Plus, you might win cool prizes and awards.

Going to this car show is a great way to meet the Mustang restoration specialists. You can feel their love for these famous American cars. It doesn’t matter if you know a lot about Mustangs or are just starting. You’ll enjoy a day of fun, see amazing cars, and learn more about the Ford Mustang.

This is a special chance to join the party. Celebrate the Mustang’s amazing history and meet the team at Mustang Restorations, Inc. Remember to save the date and come to the Third Annual Mustang Brothers™️ Car Show on August 11, 2024.

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Revive your classic Mustang with our certified Mustang restoration specialists. We bring your pony car back to its former glory using authentic parts and expertise.